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What is Algebra?

Algebra is a way of solving for an unknown amount called a VARIABLE.



A Variable is a letter or symbol that represents an unknown amount.


An Algebraic Equation is when you solve for a variable.

There will be an Equals(=) sign.


An Algebraic Expression is when there is an algebraic Equation but no Equals(=) sign.

An Equation:

5 + N = 9


The objective in solving Algebraic equations is to isolate the Variable (N)

To do this you must cancel out the number conected to the Variable (N). This is done by using the opposite sign but the same number. 

In this case it would be -5.


(+)5 - 5 + N = 9


The plus sign in between the brakets indicates that the first 5 is positive(+).

Now that you have done this step you are going to learn a very important rule in Algebra which is: WHAT YOU DO ON ONE(1) SIDE OF THE EQUALS(=) SIGN YOU MUST DO ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE EQUALS(=) SIGN.


(+)5 - 5 + N = 9 - 5


Now solve it, by taking out all of the UNessasay numbers, such as the -5 and +5. Remember to solve the 9-4 Too!

Your final result is....


N = 4:




*The word problems below will give you an idea of where you would use Algebra in a real life situation*


1. At the store you bought three boxes of cereal. They're worth $5.00 each. You also bought $4.00 worth of candy. How much money did you spend in total. Write an algebraic equation if n=5





2. You go through your wallet and you have four, ten dollar bills, plus change. Your total amount comes to $52.78. Write an algebraic equation an write two posibilities for the change you may have.


Answer 2

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