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Amalia G square root

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What is Square Root ?


For this kind of unit you can use a perfect square chart.

A Square root is the total area of a square. perfect square or not.

Not a perfect square root, left over is put around the square.



A perfect square root of a number times its self that has no decimals, equal all sides. Example:



To find the quare root of a number using fractions, first find the perfect square on both sides of your number. Example: 14--->9--->16



The square root of the smaller perfect square is your whole number.Example: 3 9 3



To find the numerator, count the number after the smaller perfect square to your number. The number you get is your Numinator.Example: 9....10,11,12,13,14--->5numbers



Count the numbers after the smaller perfect square to the larger perfect square. That number you get is your denominator. Example: 9...10,11,12,13,14,15,16--->7 numbers



You answer is.... 3 5/7



Here is a Quiz to see if you get it.


A farm has 7 equal square fields with a total area of 616 area square. Estimate tha dimension of each field using fraction.     

                 616/7 =88


Whole number

Pevious perfect square 81 (9x9)..... After the perfect square 100 (10x10).

So 9 is the whole number 88 is 9._ x9._



After - previous = Denominator

100 - 81 = 19

So 19 is the denominator



Number - previous = Numerator

88 - 81 = 7...... So 7 is the Numerator


 Fraction is : 7 7/19


Fiding the square root of 45



Numerator: Subtract the lower perfect squarefrom 45.

 45 - 36 = 9(numerator)

Subtract the lower perfect square frome the larger.....49 - 36 = 13(denominator)


Finding the whole number: Take the square root of the lower perfect square.

36 and the square root: 6


Final fraction: 6 9/13


Finding the square root of 115



square root of 100 =10    since 10x10                                                              

square root of 11 =11     since 11x11 = 21                                           

115 - 100 =15        This will become your fraction.     

121 - 100 =21          You take 10 and 15/21 and add them together to make 10.


square root of 765

 729    765  784

27x27         28x28





This is the perfect square chart....





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