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April T and Jake M

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"KEY WORDS" that you need to know the meaning of.


A letter or symbol representing a quantity (number)



An algebraic expression that has many answers



An algebraic equation has only ONE answer



When you use substitution algebra, replace the variable with the value and

solve the equation





In the beginning of this unit, we started doing blue sheets. On that blue sheet we had to find an algebraic expression

find the pattern, describe each pattern, draw the pattern, fill in a table and do substitution algebra.

The paper looked like the picture below.



I'll show you how to find solve the equations on my actual unproject. If i put it here I'd be saying too much.

So I'll just show you an example. This pattern is called Lego.

After we did the blue sheet. We took the table from question 2, and we turned it into a graph.


Algebra is basically about balance. What ever you do to one side, you do the same thing to the other.

You're really just isolating the variable. 

So if you have a question like 5n+8=53, You isolate the variable by taking away the itegers. In this case it's +8

you get rid of the the integer by adding it with it's opposite, which is -8. If you put the two together you get 0

so it would look like this +8 -8 = 0. Now you do the same thing to the other side of the = sign. just minus the # behind

the = sign by 8. This is where Alge Tiles come in.


I'll tell you more about Alge Tiles in my actual unproject.

click here for our ALGEBRA QUIZ 

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