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Danny's Unproject: Ratios

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A ratio is just a comparison between two different things. E.g. 5:4


That means you have five pieces of something and you still need to get four.


To find out what the total number of things are, you just add them up. E.g. 5+4=9.


 You have five out of nine. As you can see, ratios are closely related to fractions, who are also close to percents and decimals. These methods pretty much work together to find answers.


Here are some questions for you to answer, just to help you out:


A few days ago, my dog cut his foot and had to get stitches. When we got there, the vet said that he had 6 out of 15 stitches in his foot. What is the ratio for this?


There are four people in my family, (including me). What is the ratio of me to my family?


If you have 684 of the 916 books written by Mr. I.M. Faker, how many books do you need?


That’s really all you need to know about ratios. But ratios are incorporated into one large group, so, if you are still having trouble, I urge you to view the percents page. Otherwise…










Good Luck On the EXAM!!!







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Good Luck On The EXAM!!!

Good Luck On The EXAM!!!Good Luck On The EXAM!!!Good Luck On The EXAM!!!Good Luck On The EXAM!!!Good Luck On The EXAM!!!


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