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Matthew and Rainer's Final Unproject

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Mean - is the average of all the numbers. You add all the numbers in the set together and divide it by how much numbers there are.

  • example: 5+5+5+5=20    20/4=5


Mode - is the most common number that appears in the set of numbers. You can have more than 1 mode or no modes at all.

  • example: 2,2,3,5,7          2 is the most common number that appears


Median - is the middle number in the set of numbers. You need to have a numerical order to find the median

  • example: 2,2,3,5,7          3 would be the median because it's in the middle of the set of numbers


Range - is the difference between the largest and the smallest values in the data set. You have to subtract the largest number and the smallest number in the set of numbers to find the range.

  • example: 1,4,5,10           10-1=9           9 would be the Range of the number in the set



This is a graph:





x Axis – is the constant or your term.


  • example: hour,time


y Axis – is the variable. It is the item that changes.

  • example: miles,kilometres


You must label the x and y axis. You also have to label the title.




Miles Walked

  • You can walk 5 miles per hour. Create a graph that shows how far you can get by the 4th hour.



Sam made the following on unit tests for the term:


Find the mean, median, mode and range.



  • 92+98+15+92+87+92=476
  • 476/6=79.33



  • 92,98,15,92,87,92
  • 15,87,92,92,92,98



  • 92,98,15,92,87,92



  • 92,98,15,92,87,92
  • 98-15=83



Student Led Electronic Portfolio




Titles made in


Information taken from


Questions taken from

  • Data Management Test
  • made it up


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